Intro to Leather Working // Supply List

Intro to Leather Working: Supply List

Leather to make a cuff, wallet and/or tote bag.

Shopping advice from your instructor, Kat:

When buying the leather they just need to think of how big their projects will be, particularly the tote, the larger the bag the more leather they will need. A piece that is 4-6 sq ft should be plenty for everything. avoid stretchy leathers like lamb, as it is generally too stretchy for bags. Also they should consider that the slouchier the leather, the slouchier the final project. If they can find pre-made straps that's easiest, but we'll make it work with whatever they have. we recommend shopping at Global.

Please note they are open M-F from 9-5: Definitely take a look in the scrap bin in the back right-hand corner. You don’t have to buy one piece of leather for everything; an assortment if great as long as you buy enough for a cuff, wallet and tote. Please let us know if you have questions! optional: we’ll be providing snaps in rivets in goldtone and silvertone and an assortment of #69 nylon thread as noted below.

If you’d prefer a particular color or something that matches your leather perfectly try shopping at Henry Westpfal. they also sell leatherworking supplies:

Make Workshop is providing:

• oaktag pattern paper

• clear gridded rulers

• steel rulers

• X-acto knife

• scissors

• rivets

• snaps

• snap and rivet setter, pedestal

• stitch punch

• sharpies

• double stick tape

• mallet

• #69 bonded nylon thread

• embroidery thread (assorted colors)

• handsewing needles