Fashion Lab: Learn-to-Sew Series // Supply List

We stock the best sewing tools + supplies in the shop for your convenience. You'll need all of the following items at every class...and every time you sew!

optional supplies:

1st project: Tokyo Tie Bag

  • 1.5 yards of print or solid cotton fabric; quilter's weight with no stretch works the best. Can pick two 3/4 yard(s): main bag + lining
  • All-purpose sewing thread
  • Sewing Kit: as noted above
Optional supplies:
  • Sew-on snap (size 3) 

2nd project: Naughty Secretary Skirt

  • cotton, linen, light- or medium-weight wool and/or blends of these make for a cute, easy-to-sew skirt. preview our fabric(s) here.

45” wide fabric:

S = 1 1/2 yards

M + L = 1 7/8 yards

60” wide fabric:

S – L = 1 yard

*see page 104 of SEW for skirt sizing information; your hip and waist measurement(s) are most important.

3rd project: Girly Go To Dress

  • dupioni silk, cotton sateen, silk shantung, lightweight linen, wool or wool blends, voile.

S – L : 2 5/8 yards of a 54-60” wide fabric only; pattern will not fit on a narrow fabric

  • plus lining: cotton shirting or china silk

S – L = ¾ yards (bodice-only lining); full lining : 2 5/8 yards (you’ll want a full lining if the skirt fabric is sheer or itchy.) if you’d like, you can use a different fabric for the bodice and skirt. cute variation! a word of warning: acetate linings are not fun to cut or sew! and you MUST line the bodice to make the dress.

*see page 104 for sizing information. check bust, waist and hip measurement(s)

Ideally you’ll want access to a machine outside of class hours especially if you’re super new to sewing and as the Lab progresses. 

Sew Everything Workshop (SEW) by Make Workshop founder Diana Rupp. The  Tokyo Tie Bag, Naughty Secretary Skirt and Girly Go-To Dress patterns and instructions are all inside of this book, plus everything you need to know to learn how to sew! SEW is available in bookstores and online. I have copies of the Tokyo Tie Bag pattern for your use in the studio, but you will need the printed skirt and dress patterns in order to layout and cut your fabric. if possible, please start reading p. 10-107 before the start of the lab.