home lab: learn-to-sew series

New York Magazine 2009

four 2-hour classes // $275 + supplies


118 Tue Jun 9 07:00 pm – 09:00 pm
  jun 16    
  jun 23    
  jun 30    

by popular demand: a learn-to-sew series that teaches all the basics of sewing for your home in one easy package!

the plan is to meet for two hours once a week for four weeks. this structured curriculum is offered for those of you who want an intensive and progressive introduction to the world of home decor sewing, with a focus on:

  • how to read (and successfully follow!) a commercial pattern
  • layout and cutting fabric the right way
  • developing good machine sewing skills and working habits
  • professional seam finishing, pressing and hemming techniques
  • a first-time intro to patchwork/machine quilting
  • sewing with trim such as piping and bias tape
  • making one-step buttonholes

note on sewing skills: if you’re more or less comfortable threading a sewing machine, you’re ready for this class. if you’ve never worked on a sewing machine, or don’t remember how to (which is not uncommon) then you’ll need to take an intro to sewing machine before starting the home lab.

if you have any questions about your skill level, please refer to the intro class description (click on link above) or send us an email. we’ll be happy to advise you!

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project I: fabric napkins or tea towels

take your basic machine threading and sewing skills to the next level by learning how to cut and layout a simple pattern on fabric and to measure, pin and press hems the right way–which is key for almost every type of sewing there is. the end result? super cute earth-friendly napkin(s) or tea towels for you or your favorite host or hostess. one 2-hour class.

project 2: cafe curtain

stitching a cafe curtain is the perfect continuation to the hemming-intensive skills gained with project I (see above.). although similar in terms of construction, this time around you’ll also be learning how to make a casing for a curtain rod, plus a few tips and tricks for working with larger pieces of fabric. the best part? although a cafe curtain is smaller in scale than a curtain you might need for a window that runs from floor to ceiling, you can simply use your new-found skills to scale up this version to custom fit ANY bare window. one 2-hour class.

project 3: patchwork potholder

a quick and fun intro to the basics of machine/patchwork quilting including how to bind raw edges of fabric with bias tape successfully and easily. one 2-hour class.

project 4: pillowcase/mini-duvet

a home lab series would be incomplete without learning to make a duvet cover. during this workshop we’ll make a scaled-down pillowcase-sized version of a full-sized duvet–this way the yardage will be manageable during the learning process but still leave with something you can use around the house. buttons and buttonholes for an enclosed closure just like the duvets you buy in the store will also be demonstrated as well as how to stitch french seams. one 2-hour class.