fashion lab: learn-to-sew series

with make workshop founder diana rupp,
author of SEW: sew everything workshop

New York Magazine

seven 2-hour sessions + “free” intro to sewing machine = 16 hours // $500 + supplies


159 Sun Mar 6 12:00 pm – 02:00 pm
  mar 13 12:00pm – 4:00pm  
  mar 20    
  apr 30    
  apr 10    
160 Tue Mar 8 06:30 pm – 08:30 pm
  mar 15    
  mar 22    
  mar 29    
  mar 5    
  mar 12    

by popular demand: a 3-part learn-to-sew series that teaches all the basics of fashion sewing in one easy package!

the plan is to meet for two hours once a week for seven weeks. this structured curriculum is offered for those of you who want an intensive and progressive introduction to the world of fashion sewing, with a focus on:

  • how to read (and successfully follow!) a commercial pattern
  • layout and cutting fabric the right way
  • developing good machine sewing skills and working habits
  • professional seam finishing and pressing techniques
  • the ability to install an invisible zipper with complete confidence
  • making simple adjustments to patterns for a perfect fit
  • the ins-and-outs of lining a garment
  • and handsewing skills for couture-quality hems!

note on sewing skills: if you’re more or less comfortable threading a sewing machine, you’re ready for this class. if you’ve never worked on a sewing machine, or don’t remember how to (which is not uncommon) then you’ll need to take an intro to sewing machine before starting fashion lab.

after you have registered for the lab, email us the date you’d like to attend the intro, and we will add you to the class list for free! ($80 value; this offer cannot be combined with any other offers or discounts.) if you have any questions about your skill level, please refer to the intro class description (click on link above) or send us an email. we’ll be happy to advise you!

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part I: tokyo tie bag
from SEW: sew everything workshop

one 2-hour class

take your basic machine threading and sewing skills up a notch by learning how to cut and layout a pattern, pivot, stitch around curves and make a fancy french seam. the end result? a super cute bag that’s an ideal gift, and it only takes 2 hours to stitch! (click on the link above to see it or check out p. 170 of the book.)

part 2: sewing I: naughty secretary skirt

from SEW: sew everything workshop

three 2-hour classes

ready to get started with your first “real” garment? we’ll show you how to make a cute and very wearable straight OR pencil skirt–it’s your choice!–from start to finish. you’ll shop for fabric and gather a basic sewing kit together before class, and then be taught how to layout, cut, and follow a commercial-style pattern, as well as basic sewing techniques like darts, seam finishing, installing an invisible zipper and how to handstitch a couture-quality hem. elementary tailoring tricks will also be demonstrated and we can adjust the pattern to fit your body if need be.

part 3: sewing II: girly go to dress

from SEW: sew everything workshop
three 2-hour classes

an original design by make workshop founder diana rupp: the girly go to dress! review and improve upon all the skills and techniques taught in the previous workshops from staystitching to darts to the invisible zipper, plus you’ll learn to install a completely finished bodice. the best part? you’ll know how to make many more after the class is over and your wardrobe will be complete!