fabric dyeing : tie-dye and shibori

one 3-hour class // $100 + some supplies

118 Sat May 21 11:00 am – 02:00 pm

the focus of this workshop is exploring pattern, color and imagery thru tie-dye/resist dyeing using dyes on both cellulose based fibers, namely cotton, linen, rayon, as well as protein fibers such as wool or silk. 

working with these natural fibers, you’ll learn simple tying, binding and wrapping techniques that will create controlled yet not, patterns of color. this class will allow beginners and pros alike to experiment with pattern and color and begin to develop a unique style of dyeing.

students will work with the most ecofriendly and colorfast of all synthetic dyes and be taught safe studio procedures as well as how to make an array of colors from the primaries. 


  • bring 3 items to dye. can be blank tee(s), bags, scarves, fabric, anything that is made of natural fibers. check out dharma’s website for all kinds of blanks
  • a few large plastic containers with lids for dyeing (shallow and wide, about the size of a cat litter box is good)

  • shibori3
  • shibori2
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