sew everything workshop : pattern index

I’ve had a number of people contact me lately to ask for a guide or index to the sewing patterns included in my book, sew everything workshop. here’s the 4-1-1 for where to find each design:

group 1A:
easy breezy wrap skirt, wear anywhere yoga pants, power tie + unforgettable elephant

group 1B:
foxy boxers + naughty secretary skirt

group 2A:
girly go to dress + tunic (or not tunic)

group 2B:
cape mod + knockout knickers



2 thoughts on “sew everything workshop : pattern index

  1. The Sew Everything Workshop is great reference book! So far I have enjoyed sewing three pillow pin cushions. One for each of my work areas.

    Next, I made a cozy for my sewing machine.I used an old oil cloth table cloth I already had on hand.It was a little oversized,but works. I took pictures but am not sure where to post them.

    Thanks from a beginner seamtress.I’ve not sewn since 7th grade home-economics.Such fun for a baby boomer.

  2. I LOVE your book! It’s what got me sewing again! I’ve made the cutest Tokyo tie bag for my aunt and then really cool pin cushion pillows out of old jeans on the bottom and scraps from my Tokyo tie bag project. They make awesome gifts for the crafty savvy. You are amazing! I wish I could be back in New York to go play in your workshop! What a dream! Thank you for your inspirational designs and for being a wonderful instructor!

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